White paper bags with flat handle

CodeDimensions (width x depth x height)Gsm / paperPackingBag price
from 200 bags
Bag price
from 1000 bags
Bag price
B1175 x 90 x 230 mm70 gr/m2 gładki A’ 5000,24 pln0,21 pln0,19 pln /10.000 szt.
B2220 x 110 x 250 mm70 gr/m2 gładki A’ 3500,28 pln0,25 pln0,23 pln /8000 szt.
B3 plus250 x 140 x 300 mm70 gr/m2 gładki A’ 3000,36 pln0,32 pln0,29 pln /6000 szt.
B3250 x 150 x 320 mm80 gr/m2 gładki A’ 3000,50 pln0,45 pln0,40 pln /6000 szt.
B4250 x 150 x 410 mm80 gr/m2 gładki A’ 2500,53 pln0,47 pln0,42 pln /5000 szt.
B5320 x 160 x 430 mm100 gr/m2 gładki A’ 2000,63 pln0,56 pln0,50 pln /5000 szt.

The prices are given net.


printed inscription in Sico colours: PLN 0.20 per one-side colour

printed inscription in Pantone colours, gold or silver: PLN 0.25 per one-side colour

matrix: PLN 60.00 per colour (one-off fee, no additional costs are charged for additional printing)

Specification of paper bags:

  • paper flat handle is stuck inside the bag and additionally strengthened with double paper insert

  • paper used to produce the bags: kraft with strengthened structure, highly resistant to stretching and tearing, made of virgin fibres, thanks to which it does not decompose as fast as waste paper

  • given an industrial production technology (80,000 bags per hour), i.e. bag sticking and folding by a machine, the carrying capacity of a bag is up to 15 kg and bags may be classified as cheap paper bags

  • our paper bags are approved by the Polish Institute of Hygiene for food contact, therefore they may be used as catering bags, shopping bags, food bags

  • bags may be printed with any graphic element by:

    • a) screen printing: water (environment-friendly) paints, up to 200 bags. Delivery within 3 – 7 business days

    •  b) flexographic printing: from 5,000 or 10,000 bags, depending on bag format (pricing on a case-by-case basis). Delivery within 3 – 28 business days

  • after we receive a design and materials from you, we prepare printing visualisation (free of charge), which means that our bags may be used as advertising bags.